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A Guide to Boiler Relocation

When considering relocating your boiler, it can be difficult to find out where to start, so here’s a guide to answer our most commonly asked questions about boiler relocation - will moving your boiler be cost effective? Will it work just as well after it’s been moved? Can it even be moved at all?

Why Move Your Boiler?

We understand that you probably don’t want to move your boiler to a different part of your home just for the sake of it so you probably already know why you’re looking to relocate your boiler.


If you’re planning a home improvement project, such as a kitchen renovation or a house extension, it’s likely you might need to move your boiler to fit in with your new layout plans.


For a kitchen renovation (or the renovation of whichever room your boiler is currently kept in), it’s likely that the layout of your kitchen will change, and the boiler may eat into a space that you would much rather have open. When building an extension, it’s common for the existing position of the boiler to not be very practical.


It’s not only home improvement projects that could be the reason for a boiler relocation - you may need to move your boiler to a different area of your home if it’s current position is unsafe.

If you have a boiler that needs be kept in a well ventilated area and it’s currently in a cupboard or another small space surrounded by coats and bags, or if it’s in a location where it’s hard to reach and maintain, you may need to relocate it to a more suitable space. If you have a few ideas about new potential locations for your boiler, but aren’t sure which is the most appropriate choice, your engineer will be able to advise you firstly on whether you really do need to move your boiler to a safer place, and secondly, where in your home and for your boiler model would be best.

Who Should Move Your Boiler?

Relocating a boiler isn’t like building a flat pack wardrobe; it’s not something you should attempt do yourself - or something you can ask Steve from the golf club who does a bit of DIY’ to do!

Even if you’re only moving it a few feet from its original position, because your boiler includes water and gas pipework, you should always be sure to arrange for a Gas Safe Registered engineer to ensure that it will be moved and re-fitted effectively and safely. You don’t want to risk a water leak or, worse, a carbon monoxide leak because the boiler wasn’t moved properly.

Read our previous blog post on what to look for when choosing a plumber to ensure that you hire the right person for the job.

Will You Need to Get a New Boiler?

When looking to relocate a boiler, many homeowners, understandably, ask the question, Will I need to get a new boiler?

The standard answer to this is, quite simply, no. If you have a boiler in good working order, you will be able to keep the same boiler you have now. Moving your boiler shouldn’t cause any harm to it, so there’s no need to worry about having to cover the cost of a brand new boiler as well as the rest of your home improvement project.

Typically, you should only need to get a new boiler if your existing boiler is unsafe, or if it’s especially old (15 years old, or older) - in which case, you would likely need to invest in a new boiler regardless of whether you’re moving it or not.

Where Is the Best Place to Have Your Boiler?

Different people keep their boilers in various different areas of their home, from the kitchen, inside built in wardrobes, or under the stairs, to the increasing trend of having your boiler in your attic.

The truth is, there isn’t one ‘best place’ to keep your boiler - the layout of your home, and the type of boiler you own, will determine the most convenient place to move your boiler to.

Your engineer will be able to advise you on the most convenient, legally compliant, and safest place to move your boiler to, but they may have to visit your home before they can give you a definite answer for where it should be fitted.

If you do want to think of some options before you speak with your engineer about your boiler relocation, keep in mind how much space it’ll take up in different rooms, and how easily it would be reached. You don’t want to install a boiler right above the entry to your attic and then find out it can only be serviced if you stand dangerously on a ladder at the top of your staircase in order to access it.

Planning Your Boiler Relocation

Moving your boiler shouldn’t be too laborious a task - involving a Gas Safe engineer right from the start will mean that you can easily plan where your boiler will be relocated to so that it can all be re-installed as quickly as possible.

If you’d like any further information or advice on boiler relocation, give us a call and our team will be happy to talk you through the process.

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