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How to tell if your boiler needs servicing

Does your boiler need servicing?

In order to ensure that a boiler is functioning correctly, it must be maintained regularly. Whilst many people might neglect to have their boiler serviced on a regular basis, it’s a fact that regular servicing keeps a boiler working at its optimum level, and failing to do so can prove costly, resulting in having to replace the entire system, or at the very least having to fork out for replacement parts. It’s recommended that most domestic heating systems should be serviced at least once every twelve months.

Sometimes we take our utilities for granted, and it’s often the case that we leave boiler servicing until the eleventh hour – when our heating ceases to function in the winter, or when our hot water isn’t quite up to standard. Far too many of us only decide to take action when there’s a noticeable decrease in energy output, and that’s when things can get costly. Regular boiler maintenance can prolong the life of a gas heating system, and save money in the long run.

In the event of a malfunctioning boiler, most people will firstly notice a drop in the amount of hot water, or perhaps comment on the fact that hot water runs out much quicker than normal. In winter months, it can be evident that radiators and heaters aren’t providing sufficient warmth. Whilst this is often par for the course due to air pressure (which can be rectified by ‘bleeding’ a radiator), it’s worthwhile contacting a heating engineer just to be on the safe side – remember, boiler repair is far cheaper than an all-out replacement.

It’s possible to perform a number of checks to ascertain whether your boiler is functioning correctly, although it’s important to be aware that gas heating systems are potentially dangerous - precisely why consulting an expert is advised. If your boiler seems to be using more fuel than usual, or if temperatures seem to have dipped, it’s time to call an engineer to find out exactly what the problem is.

As a machine, the household boiler works hard, and often builds up a lot of debris. Sometimes a simple cleaning procedure can get it firing on all cylinders again. We might take it for granted, but domestic heating is a complex feat of engineering. Contacting an accredited engineer to check your vents, flow of combustion air and piping, as well as the boiler itself, is a sure-fire way of ensuring optimum energy efficiency.

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