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Water and Plumbing Tips Which are Useful to Know

There are some things that are always useful to know about when you’re running a home – it means you don’t always have to resort to calling a professional if it’s something you can easily sort and/or prevent yourself.

Some of the most common complaints are blocked drains. Take a look at our tips of how to avoid and resurrect a blocked drain...

How to keep your drains free flowing

Drains, both in the kitchen and the bathroom, can get blocked pretty quickly if you don’t clean them out regularly and make a conscious effort to keep them clear.

In the kitchen, it is easy for your drain to become clogged with food debris. One thing that can help is investing in a sink strainer which catches a large amount of food bits which would otherwise sit in the drain.

Similarly, the drain in the bath and shower can become easily clogged with hair and soapy residue. Be sure to pull out any visible blockage as often as you can.

Pouring hot water through the drains can often keep your drains clear, but should you need something a bit stronger, try half a cup of vinegar and a handful of bicarbonate of soda and leave for about half an hour. Then just rinse it through and your drains should be clear!

It’s always useful to know how to turn off your water, particularly if you’re going away for a long time or if you find your house has a leak.

How to turn off your water

The water shut off valve is likely to be situated where cold water supply enters your property. This is usually found under the sink in the kitchen. The valve itself will probably look like a tap randomly situated half way up a pipe. Turn this tap clockwise to turn the water off and anti-clockwise for on – just like a normal tap. It’s good to check just in case of emergency. Turn the tap off then try and run the tap in the kitchen. If no water comes through, you know you’ve successfully found the water shut off valve!

If you find yourself with a plumbing situation that you can’t fix, just give a call on 01924 381788!

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