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The Smart Boiler

We are always looking to improve our homes and make it easier for us to manage and use them. Created first was the smart thermostat, then we could use our mobile phone’s to control lighting and room temperature, we now have the smart TV with never ending channel selection and we are now coming in to the era of the Smart Boiler.

Worcester Bosch is creating new technology for our home boiler systems which take advantage of our home Wi-Fi networks. Worcester Bosch technology diagnose faults by using a built-in wireless transmitter and a separate hub that connects to the home Wi-Fi network. The smart boiler will regularly send data back to British Gas (British Gas is currently trialling 700 homes), this data will then be analysed and if any faults are found an alarm in the system will be raised.

In the near future ‘Big brother’ will be watching your boilers every move. As your boilers data is being analysed the faults are remotely sent to a centre where heating engineers can determine if the problem could be repaired remotely. Yes you read this right data could be sent back to your boiler to fix its problem without a heating engineer having to be called out to your house. But wait, not only that you may never have to call out a plumber or heating engineer yourself ever again; your boiler will do it for you. If the data that comes back has flagged a bigger issue a call centre agent is sent a notification to arrange an engineer to visit the property and fix the problem.

This could be the next giant step in the plumbing industry, time will be saved all round for plumbers and heating engineers. When a plumber or heating engineer are called to fix a faulty boiler they have no idea what the problem is and what parts they may need. They can’t carry every single part they may need in their van, resulting in at least 2 trips to the property to fix the boiler. With a smart boiler the heating engineer will know what the problem is beforehand and can take the parts they need to fix the problem, resulting in one trip and increased efficiency on the route to a fixed boiler.

This will reduce fuel costs, time spent on the road and hourly rates etc. is looking forward to the day we start installing smart boilers in our customers’ homes. We will be fixing your boiler without you knowing!

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