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5 Benefits of a Pod Solution for Enabling Independent Living

When it comes to enabling independent living for those who are losing mobility, there is a variety of different options available - but many of these can be expensive, intrusive and restrictive at times.

To help with bathing, toileting and maintaining personal hygiene, you want a solution that can be installed to best meet the needs for you; you want one that helps you continue with every day life as best as possible, not one that gets in the way.

Here are 5 great benefits of using a ‘pod’ solution for enabling independent bathing, toileting and washing.

1. A Pod is Non-Invasive

Unlike a wet-room or dedicated extension, a ‘pod’ is non-intrusive.

Pods Non-Invasive

Plumbcare Pods, the pods we supply, are designed to blend into the existing home. Once installed, a pod becomes just another natural part of the home. It remains discreet and lets the user continue to live a dignified life.

As pods are installed in an existing space in the home, there’s no structural work needed to install the pod, and no heavy disruption to the homeowner as a result.

A Plumbcare Pod can be installed more quickly than an extension, and be much less invasive to live with every day.

2. Each Pod Is Tailored to Your Exact Needs

Each and every Plumbcare Pod can be developed and installed with your exact needs in mind.

Pods Tailored

A pod can be developed to your specification, to cater for your exact needs and give you the highest level of independence possible.

We can work with you to develop and install a pod that gives you the best possible solution for independent living, bathing, toileting and maintaining personal hygiene.

3. A Pod Is Easy to Access

Unlike other solutions, a pod can simply be installed into an existing room in the home, making it quick and easy to access.

Your Plumbcare Pod can be installed in a central room in the home, meaning you don’t have to climb stairs to reach it.

Placing a pod centrally also means it can be placed in a convenient and easy to reach location. One that fits in with how capable you are moving around the home.

This means your solution can be accessed easily whenever needed, providing the best level of independence, and best quality of life possible.

4. Every Pod Is Safe and Secure

Every single Plumbcare Pod is made to the highest standards, meaning your pod is safe, secure and will last.

The shell of each pod is made from strong and sturdy double skin GRP “Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic”. This means there are no tiles within the pod that could become loose and pose a risk to the user.

Plumbcare Pods also come equipped with a non-slip polyvinyl floor. This helps to minimise the risk of slipping when the floor is wet.

Our pods are built with safety and security in mind, helping to provide the support needed to maintain independence.

5. All Pods Are Easy to Remove

As all of our pods are freestanding, they are also easy to remove when no longer needed.

Our pods are not recessed into the floor, and don’t require structural work to install. This means they can also be quickly and easily removed if the user’s circumstances change, allowing the home to go back to how it was before the pod.

Plumbcare Pods don’t require an entire room conversion like a wet-room, so converting back the home is a much quicker and simpler task.

Find Out More…

Pods can be a great solution for enabling independence in situations where an extension or wet room isn’t the right option.

If you’d like to find out more about Plumbcare Pods, you can download our brochure, or get in touch with our friendly customer service team on 0333 577 0151.

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