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6 Steps to Keep Your Boiler Working Efficiently this Winter

When winter strikes, it’s important to ensure that your home is warm and comfortable - which means making sure your boiler is prepared for the cold weather.

Your boiler will be working at its hardest during the winter, so it’s important to ensure it’s ready for this to prevent it from breaking down and plunging your home into freezing temperatures. The last thing you want is for your boiler to stop working in the middle of an exceptionally cold day.

So what can you do to look after your boiler and make sure it stays in top condition this winter?

1. Understand How Your Boiler Works

Knowing how your boiler works can save you a lot of time and money. Take the time to read the user manual that comes with your boiler and familiarise yourself with the tips and instructions on there - so if something goes wrong, you know what steps you can take yourself before calling a professional engineer.

2. Check Your Radiators

It’s a good idea to test run your radiators to check if they’re working as well as they should be during the cold months of winter. Make sure you bleed your radiators regularly to release any air that may be trapped in them. Keep your radiators clean by having a powerflush carried out - which will get rid of any sludge, dust or dirt that may be clogging up your radiators.

3. Service Your Boiler

It’s very important to get your boiler serviced regularly - we offer annual boiler servicing in a wide range of locations, during which we will thoroughly assess your boiler and action any immediate fixes. Getting your boiler serviced is a great way to identify and resolve any problems there may be and ensure that these do not get worse.

4. Insulate Your Pipes

A common winter problem is the bursting of pipes - water expands as it freezes, causing pipes to expand and break. Keeping your pipes insulated will help to prevent this from happening and causing a flood in your house. Pipe insulation is available from most DIY shops and will ensure your boiler doesn’t freeze and stop working, or cause any pipe bursts.

5. Fit a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Having a carbon monoxide detector is extremely important - if your boiler is producing carbon monoxide it can make you incredibly ill, or even result in death. Carbon monoxide is easily unnoticed as it is odorless and tasteless, so having a detector and alarm system installed is therefore incredibly important.

6. Keep an Eye Out for Warning Signs

Stay alert and keep an eye out for any unusual signs that could mean your boiler is in trouble - for example, loud noises, notice soot marks or any visible cracks are just a few obvious signs that your boiler needs looking at. If any of these signs are present, or you think your radiators need looking at, just get in touch with us and we’ll have a look for you.

Warm homes!

Keeping your boiler healthy and your home warm and comfortable this winter will ensure you stay healthy too. Regular maintenance will also reduce the cost it would take to repair your boiler, as it will be running more efficiently.

If you’d like some more advice on how to keep your boiler working efficiently this winter, or you think you need a heating engineer, feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer service team.

Our team will be able to help you get your boiler working as efficiently as possible and get you prepared for the winter!

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