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What are thermostatic radiator valves and how can they save you money on your heating?

Is it worth having TRVs installed?

Thermostatic radiator valves, also known as TRVs, are valves that regulate the temperature of the radiator based on the temperature of the room. It helps create a more responsive heating system, allowing you to maintain a desired temperature in each room individually.

If your central heating system is one boiler with one thermostat that determines the heating level for the whole house, TRVs would give you a separate thermostat on each radiator that controls the heat within that room. Obviously, a single thermostat will determine the heating based on the temperature in the room that it is located in yet the temperature will inevitably vary across different rooms based on size of room, size of radiator and position within the house relative to the boiler.

Can you save money by using TRVs?

TRVs can save you money because they allow you to heat your home more efficiently and in a smart way that is appropriate to each area of the home. For example, you may want to keep your living room toasty, have your bedroom cool and the baby’s room warm and with TRVs you can do that accurately. Likewise, if there are spare rooms that you don’t really use you can keep them aired or turn the heating off completely.

Once the room reaches the desired temperature, the TRV will knock the heating off to maintain it plus the heating will only come on if the temperature falls below that which is set. This means that radiators don’t produce unnecessary heat.

Of course there is a cost to installing TRVs on your system. Because the system needs to be drained prior to installation it makes sense to install TRVs on every radiator because much of the installation cost stems from the time required to do this which would be the same whether installing 1 or 10 TRVs. You can expect this to be up to around £500 for a full house so it would take a while to recoup these costs though you would find it saves you money (and is better for the environment) in the long term.

So, is it worth doing and will it save you money? If you are considering moving within the next couple of years then possibly not (though it would add to the desirability of your home to have efficient heating) but if you’re planning on staying and like the idea of using less energy and having a system that heats each room appropriately and that will eventually save you money then yes, TRVs would be a great addition to your home.

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