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The greatest Christmas culprits for blocked drains

Be ‘sink savvy’ this Christmas!

The Christmas period is notorious for the additional food and drink that we consume at this time. We’re certainly not here to judge and diets can definitely start in the New Year but we would just urge you to be careful about food waste going down the sink as the last thing you need over the festive period is a blocked drain!

Here are the worst 5 culprits for causing blocked drains at Christmas:

Fat and grease

Who doesn’t love a roast potato cooked in goose fat or a crispy bacon sandwich at Christmas? Just be careful how you dispose of leftover fats. Whatever you do, please don’t pour oils and fats down the sink as they can solidify in the pipes and clump other debris together. Pour them into disposable containers (yogurt pots or takeaway containers are good for this) and then throw away in the bin.

Coffee grounds

While instant coffee may be good enough the rest of the year, fresh ground coffee is a nice treat at Christmas. It’s the easiest thing in the world to tip those grounds from the bottom of the cafetiere down the sink but they won’t degrade and could easily bond with any fats down there, causing a blockage. Tip any liquid out using the plunger to prevent the grounds escaping and then put them in the bin (or save them for the garden as they’re great for plants mixed into your soil).

Vegetable and fruit peelings

Peelings will become soft and squishy, especially if sat in water. Don’t rinse chopping boards or pour away mulled wine into the sink to avoid them going down the drain.

Thickened liquids

While we would never suggest that your gravy is lumpy, it certainly could become that way when sat in your pipes! Any kind of liquid that is thickened could potentially do this including gravies, custards, jellies etc


Christmas can be a lot of work and we all need to make our lives a bit easier in whatever way we can so you may resort to kitchen or bathroom wipes to keep on top of the cleaning. These are fine but just make sure you don’t flush them down the toilet. Even wipes that claim to be flushable can easily block the toilet and, let’s face, they’re under enough pressure at Christmas what with all the extra guests and food consumed at this time!

Allowing pipes to become blocked can lead to standing water in sinks and toilets and nasty smells. Not something you need over Christmas! If it does happen, we are of course available 24/7 even over Christmas and New Year but we’re sure you’d rather not have to call us out so just be ‘sink savvy’ and think twice before you throw something down there you’ll regret!

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