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Summer boiler services make sense, and not just because they're cheaper this year

There are 3 great reasons for having your boiler serviced in summer - the discount is just a bonus!

Let's take it as a given that having your boiler serviced annually is a good idea (it really is) so this means that it will usually take place around the same time every year. When this happens will probably have been determined by something fairly arbitrary such as when it was first installed, when you bought your house, or even when you had a breakdown and suddenly appreciated the importance of annual servicing at some point in the past. We tend to stick to this schedule for ever more, but you don't have to and if your service usually happens in the autumn, winter or spring you may want to set your own schedule based on logic rather than circumstance.

That's because there are several reasons why it's advantageous to have your boiler serviced over the summer. They are as follows:

1. It prepares it for the 'big turn on' in autumn

You may think that the busiest time for heating engineers is the height of winter when we get the really cold weather. While we are, of course, in demand then, our busiest time is actually in October when people start to turn their heating back on after a prolonged period of it being off. This can cause moving parts to seize up and other issues to occur that you wouldn't know about until it's cold and you actually need it. Turning the heating on for a few minutes periodically over the summer is a good plan to help prevent that happening but a service is really the best thing you can do for it to make sure the turn on later in the year goes smoothly.

2. It allows you to get work done while it's least disruptive

One of the key purposes of a boiler service is to spot issues early, such as a hairline crack in a sump, an expansion vessel that requires a recharge, or sludge in the system and many things that can be picked up will require further work and could even see you being unable to use the boiler in the meantime (in the event of something serious). This isn't too much of an issue over the summer when you don't have the heating on anyway but it could be a problem in the late autumn or winter.

3. Better availability

As we said earlier, we're busiest in autumn and winter when the majority of breakdowns happen so we tend to have good availability over the summer months, both in terms of appointments for the services but also if you need further work doing.

Still working from home? Nobody knows how long these new ways of working might last so it could also be more convenient for you to get it sorted now rather than waiting for later in the year when you may be back at the office.


As if all the reasons spelled out here weren't compelling enough, you can save over £10 just by having it done before the end of September thanks to our 15 Year Anniversary Offer. Because we've been in business 15 years this year, we are discounting our boiler service fee by 15%. This reduces the cost from £79.00 to £67.15. It's exactly the same boiler service you would get at any other time of year and wouldn't you rather be putting that extra £11.85 in your pocket than ours?

"But my boiler service isn't due over the summer..."

You can have your boiler serviced whenever you want. To comply with the terms of your manufacturer warranty or boiler cover insurance, you need to make sure you don't leave it longer than 12 months but there's no reason why you can't bring it forward to take advantage of all the benefits outlined here. That way you set a new schedule and can always take advantage of the summer boiler service benefits. This year is a great time to do it as the 15% discount will help make up for any part of the year lost by bringing it forward.

Boiler service due over the summer anyway? Win win - get it booked in!

You can see full details of the 15 Year Anniversary Offer here, including all terms and conditions, or you can call us on 0333 577 0151 or complete the form here to book your appointment.

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