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Summer plumbing essentials: Upgrading Your Stop Tap

Having a Sure Stop installed now could prevent disaster in the winter

You will have heard the phrase ‘fix the roof while the sun is shining’: this is really about taking a proactive approach to the jobs that need doing, in advance of the mishaps and disasters that require them. Summer is, therefore, a great time for getting on with things and putting measures in place that you will really thank yourself for in times to come.

A Sure Stop is a great example of this.

What is a Sure Stop?

A Sure Stop does what your stop tap does: it turns the water supply off to the house. However, instead of being in some random, difficult to reach spot under the sink or behind a cupboard, it’s somewhere really easy to access. And instead of being really difficult turn because it’s all seized up (and in a tricky place) it’s literally an on/off switch that’s as easy to use as a light switch.

In short, it’s an alternative to your stop tap that just makes life a bit easier.

How can a Sure Stop prevent disaster?

A Sure Stop doesn’t do anything more elaborate than a stop tap – it just turns the water off. However, in the event that you drill through a water pipe, or a pipe bursts, the speed at which you’re able to turn the water off can make all the difference between a bit of mess to clean up or a total flood. It’s the difference between flicking a switch in an easy to reach place and having to fling the contents of the under sink cupboard out and find some pliers to wrench the stop tap closed because it’s not been turned for 5 years. This is all assuming you know where the stop tap is of course, because not everyone does!

Why get a Sure Stop installed in the summer?

Well, this goes back to what we were saying in the introduction: getting things sorted BEFORE disaster happens. Just as many people only think to have a burglar alarm installed after they have been burgled, and the risk becomes very real, many only think about getting a Sure Stop after they have experienced an issue with their stop tap.

You could save yourself a lot of stress and money by being proactive. You tend to be more at risk of flooding in winter when cold weather can cause pipes to burst or pop out of joint. By getting your ducks in a row now (hopefully not bobbing about on the flood water in your living room!) it’s one less thing to worry about when the cold weather comes.

Not just useful for floods

Obviously, a Sure Stop comes into its own in the event of a flood but it’s useful for whenever you need to turn the water off: changing a tap, fixing the toilet, installing a new shower etc. It’s much more convenient and especially useful for anyone with grip or mobility issues.

Sure Stop installation from £175

We can install a Sure Stop for £175 (15mm pipework) or £185 (22mm) which is much cheaper than dealing with a flood. Call us on 0800 032 6478 or use the enquiry form to get in touch.

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