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Outside tap fitting in Wakefield, Leeds, Sheffield & Yorkshire - Hot or cold!

We Fit Outside Taps In Wakefield, Leeds, Sheffield, Barnsley & Across Yorkshire

Watering the garden, washing the car, filling the paddling pool – how are you getting through the summer without an outside tap?

Looking to install an outdoor tap in Wakefield, Leeds, Sheffield, or anywhere else in Yorkshire? We fit new outdoor taps, move existing outdoor taps or repair leaks, and can also add a hot water outdoor tap to your existing system! Hot or cold, outdoor taps are an essential bit of outdoor plumbing! We are fast-response, local plumbers, and install outdoor taps in West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire across the year. Outdoor taps should be a standard fixture and fitting that all houses have, but this is not the case. You may not have one, or yours might be in an inconvenient location. Either way, call our team of outdoor tap fitters to install a new tap or move your existing outside taps. We can even add an outdoor hot water tap to your existing system!

Fitting outside taps in gardens across Yorkshire

When rainfall is scarce, plants will not survive for very long without water, and you will need to attend to them yourself if you don't want to see them all start to die (and plants are not cheap, so they're definitely worth some TLC!). If you have anything more substantial than a couple of pots of flowers in the garden, then traipsing in and out of the house with a watering can is not going to be practical, so an outdoor tap is an infinitely better solution. Even if you're not much of a gardener, your grass will benefit from watering during a dry spell. It will go dormant after 2-3 weeks of insufficient rain but will start to die after 5-6 weeks and may not be recoverable.

Outside taps fitted for Leeds and Wakefield car washers

Washing your car on a sunny Sunday afternoon can actually be a pleasure rather than a chore. Of course, you can wash with a bucket. However, unless you keep changing the water, you're going to start transferring grit and dirt from the bucket back over the surface of the car, where the wiping motion can easily scratch it. Using a hose or pressure washer not only makes the job easier but it's also more effective and will protect your paintwork from such damage. For that, you'll need an outside tap.

Outside tap fitters in Leeds, Sheffield & Wakefield for water fun in the sun

We're not really used to hot weather in the UK, so when the sun does shine, we all need to cool down. There's nothing kids love more than a paddling pool or a water fight in the garden when the sun is blazing, and it can even help the dog cool down as well. You may be lucky enough to have a hot tub in the garden, but good luck with getting that filled up without an outside tap!

External taps fitted in Yorkshire for cleaning outdoors

A pressure washer makes light work of cleaning paths, patios, and driveways. While you can buy outdoor cleaning products and chemicals that can be applied with a watering can, you're still going to be in and out of the house filling it up, potentially risking treading the products into the home.

We even fit outdoor hot water taps!

Presumably, you're now sold on the idea of a conveniently located outdoor tap, or you may already have one, but how about taking it up a level and having a hot tap installed as well? This can be a separate hot tap or a thermostatically controlled tap. A hot tap outside can be a really useful thing. It's especially beneficial for people with dogs who love to roll in mud and the odd bit of fox poo (speaking from experience here!) as it's great for getting them cleaned up – especially in winter when the parks and fields are at their muddiest. It's good for paddling pools as you can fill to the perfect temperature from the start rather than having to wait a day before the iciness has diminished, and it can even give the hot tub a head-start on warming up. We will fit you an outdoor hot water tap in Wakefield, Leeds, Huddersfield, Sheffield or anywhere in Yorkshire,

Get an outdoor tap installed or repaired by local plumbers for less than you think.

We can install a new outdoor tap for less than you'd think! Once it's in, it's in. You can enjoy an outdoor water supply forever more. Alternatively, if you need outdoor tap leak repair or maintenance, contact us to help and make your life a little easier. Call 0333 577 0151 for a quote or through our chat or enquiry form to ask about your nearest outdoor tap plumber. We can even be with you on the same day if you need us to!

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