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Gas Safety Week Boiler Case Study: Damaged Heat Protection Panels

15 September 2021

Gas Safety Week 2021 heat protection panels

Our final case study for Gas Safety Week 2021 looks at what happens when protective heat panels don't get checked and are left to burn away.

Gas Safety Week Boiler Case Study: Split Sump

14 September 2021

Gas Safety Week 2021 split sump

The second of our Gas Safety Week 2021 case studies takes a look at what happened when a hairline crack in a sump was not identified due to the boiler not being serviced in a timely way.

Gas Safety Week Boiler Case Study: Cracked Sight Glass

13 September 2021

Gas Safety Week 2021 cracked sight glass

It's Gas Safety Week this week. To demonstrate the importance of gas safety, we have put together 3 case studies based on real jobs that we have attended that demonstrate why servicing your boiler regularly is so important. The first case study focuses on a cracked sight glass.

Gas Safety Week 2020: stats and facts about gas

20 September 2020


As Gas Safety Week 2020 draws to a close, our last blog is a round up of 10 facts about gas, most of which have been taken from our blogs this week, that you may not know.

Gas Safety Week 2020: How do engineers become Gas Safe Registered?

19 September 2020

Gas Safe engineer

You may have heard of Gas Safe registration, you may even realise that only Gas Safe registered engineers can work on gas appliances but do you know what it takes to become Gas Safe registered or what that means to you as a customer? Here is what you need to know.

Gas Safety Week 2020: Decarbonising by 2050

18 September 2020


A pledge has been made to become carbon net zero by 2050. While this may seem like a long time away, gas boilers will no longer be allowed to be installed in new build housing from 2025 giving us just 5 years to find a viable alternative. So, what might those alternatives be? We take a look at some of the likely options we could all be adopting in the not too distant future.

Gas Safety Week 2020: Signs your boiler could be faulty: red flags to look for

17 September 2020

boiler faulty

Do you pay much attention to your boiler other than when there is an issue with heat or hot water? Your boiler could still be providing these even if it's become dangerous so it's important to recognise the red flags that there is an issue that could pose a risk to health, or even life.

Gas Safety Week 2020: Why is gas dangerous?

16 September 2020

why gas is dangerous

We all know that gas can be dangerous (otherwise Gas Safety Week wouldn't be required!) but do you know why? We take a look at what makes gas dangerous and how you can protect your family from the associated risks.

Gas Safety Week 2020: How do gas boilers heat your home?

15 September 2020

how boilers work

Most of us will rarely think about our gas boiler until something goes wrong! Boilers are complex pieces of equipment but it's actually really interesting how they work and understanding it could help you should it develop a fault.

Gas Safety Week 2020: What gas do we use in boilers and how does it get to our homes?

14 September 2020

gas boilers

22 million homes in the UK| use natural gas in our homes but how many know how it gets there or even what it is exactly? In the first of our blogs for Gas Safety Week 2020 we take a look at how we obtain gas and the infrastructure that brings it directly to our boilers, fires and cookers.

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